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How to Speak Gooder: 5 Ways To Deliver a Better Speech


Wow! For the first time in my life, I was a judge for a regional high school speech and debate competition. Some of these kids were phenomenal! But, many of them made the same missteps that I see many of us making. Here are my Top 5 […]

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You get paid for that? 5 Rules on Why Speakers Get Paid

Liz Goodgold Speaker

Sometimes it’s hard for folks to understand the concept of speaking fees. Even yesterday Hillary Clinton defended her high speaking fees to Diane Sawyer. BUT, I’m even more frustrated with the audacity of Fortune 500 companies asking me to speak for free! Yes, speaking is glorious and […]

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Speech Lessons From the Oscars – How to Be A Speaking Winner Every Time!

The Oscars

Whether you’re giving an acceptance speech to 40 million viewers or presenting to 15 colleagues in a meeting room, you need to inform, entertain, and inspire your audience. Here are 6 sizzling lessons you can learn from the Academy Awards this week: Don’t Start a Speech Trying […]

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6 Savvy Strategies for Talking to the Media

Liz Goodgold Media Interview

It’s been a busy media month for me talking about the Kardashians, Miley, Charlie, RiRi, and Cher.  But, the question I get asked most often from my clients is: HOW DO I GET QUOTED BY THE MEDIA? Tie your blogs into the current news – The hot […]

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