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4 Reasons Why We Love Super Bowl Ads

Superbowl ads - Why we love them!

4 Reasons Why We Love Super Bowl Ads In just a few days, it’s time for the biggest rivalry ever at Super Bowl LIII: brand vs. brand. What? You thought Sunday was about football? No! Over 107 million fans are expected to tune in and perhaps tune […]

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Wanna Change Your Name?

Would You Change Your Name Like Stan Lee or R? The legendary creator of Spider-Man, Black Panther, and the X-Men has died after revolutionizing the comic book and super hero genre. But, when he started as Stanley Martin Lieber, he used a pen name because “I felt […]

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Say Goodbye to Charging by The Hour! 7 Really Good Reasons to Switch to Project-Based Fees

One of the biggest missteps that new entrepreneurs make is charging by the hour. They research the prices of their competitors and presto! They arrive at a price in the middle.
WRONG! Stop charging by the hour! It doesn’t work for you or your clients.

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