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Is that promo good for you or your customer?

It’s that time of year again: back to school shopping. And, with this annual event comes the promotions hoping to lure you into buying more. My mailbox has been deluged with both electronic and direct mail offerings, but some of them have me scratching my head. For […]

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Color as a branding tool: 5 Ways to Leverage the Power of Color

At the recent Hot August Nights event showcasing vintage cars, I spied this couple photographed above:  they matched their car! This bold step is perfect color branding. It alerts potential buyers and browsers that they are the point of contact. How can you make color work for […]

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The 3 Dangers of a Rebrand

Say Goodbye to Merrill Lynch, Weight Watchers, and the Gap The 3 Dangers of a Rebrand   Weight Watchers took a big bite out of the rebranding bug last September when it decided to change its name to WW. Apparently, consumers weren’t hungry for this change as […]

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4 Reasons Why We Love Super Bowl Ads

Superbowl ads - Why we love them!

4 Reasons Why We Love Super Bowl Ads In just a few days, it’s time for the biggest rivalry ever at Super Bowl LIII: brand vs. brand. What? You thought Sunday was about football? No! Over 107 million fans are expected to tune in and perhaps tune […]

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