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Why Acronyms Don’t Work as Brand Names

Continuing my blog series about naming sins, today’s post (er, rant?) is about acronyms. (See my other blogs about naming.) Acronyms are technically letters that are turned into words. The most famous and logical one is MADD: Mothers Against Drunk Driving. 5 Reasons Acronyms Never Work as […]

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Are you Selling Up or Selling Out?

Are you Selling Up or Selling Out? I understand about the benefits of sponsorship, but there is a difference between sponsorship selling and selling out. Let me be clear: I’m tired of hearing about Ryan Lochte! We know he was wrong; we know he lied and now […]

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Why YOU Must Differentiate Branding And Bragging

Why YOU Must Differentiate Branding And Bragging Sometimes the difference between branding and bragging is tough to describe, but you know it when you see it! Yet, it’s critical to differentiate the two in order to cultivate trust, earn respect, convert prospects into clients, or even get […]

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3 Ways to Blog Faster


I’ve played a game with my tribe of loyal coaching clients whereby we hit a timer and then boom! After 15 minutes we stop and your blog should be done. Really! 15 minutes for a blog from “no clue to what you’re writing about” to finished blog? […]

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