Branding Speaker, Trainer, and Coach


Connected Women of Influence, Blog Talk Radio

How to connect the dots and the dollars to boost your brand and business with Michelle Bergquist.

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Branding Interview with Alex Germon

Liz Goodgold

Explore how to create a compelling brand, the differences between a name and a brand, as branding expert Liz Goodgold unveils the secrets.

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Global Wealth Leaders Summit Interview with Amy Walker

Liz Goodgold tackles the intersection of branding and speaking to discuss how to create flawless recall, create a brand vocabulary, get speaking gigs, and spin-off business.

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Radio Show Guest, Top 10 Biz Lessons to Master as a Biz Entrepreneur

Branding expert Liz joins Small Biz Administration Radio host Caz Taylor to discuss The top 10 business lessons including the power of delegating, never giving up, and recognizing when things are working and when they are not.

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