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Why Christmas is Better Branded Than Hanukah!

  1. You are obviously suffering from holiday envy. Christmas is a major holiday for Christians. Chanukah is a minor Jewish holiday. As Jews, we can enjoy others holidays without celebrating them and/or feeling left out. We have our own holidays to enjoy and celebrate, i.e. Rosh Hashanah, Succot, Pesach Shavout, etc.

    • You’re right, Peter about the holidays being minor vs. major; I was just having fun since they both fall at roughly the same time.

  2. Liz, agree with you mostly –but chanukah does have a signature scent –the smell of latkes frying!

  3. I love this example –really helps explain Branding.

  4. And there is consistency of spelling in branding in a name. As long as Chanukah, Hanukah, Chanakkuah, etc are all available, there is a lack of brand identity or at least clarity. Think if Southwest Airlines was also known as South West Air, South West Air Lines. At least these all begin with the same letter.
    Do enjoy your observations.
    To all – peace and kindness. Share some food and a hug.

    • What a great observation that I missed – the tons of different ways to spell Hanukah. Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

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