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Communication is a Many-Splendored Thing. How to Stop Getting Ghosted!

When was the last time you were ghosted in business? Last week? Me too!

It goes something like this: you are hot and heavy into an e-mail exchange and then nothing, nada! You get frustrated so you email again, you add exclamation points, you reference your last communication, you get agitated, right? Wrong!

TWEET: Speeding up the frequency of communication does not increase its value.

Speeding up the frequency of communication does not increase its value. Instead, it’s the time to change your tactic: My advice is to use all of the communication options available to you:

  1. It’s Not Email ALL the Time – Email is not the perfect communication tool. In fact, it’s horrible when you need to discuss a complicated issue and even worse in trying to close the sale!TWEET: It’s Not #e-mail ALL the time; switch up your #communication tools. 
  2. Try LinkedIn – Perhaps your email is in the spam or junk bucket. Messages via this platform virtually always make it through.
  3. Text it Over – Ahh, here’s the controversy: many millennials think nothing of texting biz colleagues, but others find it downright rude. Here’s my advice – if they’ve given you their cell phone and nothing else is working, send the message.
  4. Pick Up the Phone – A novel concept, right? But, the phone works, especially for nuanced conversations and closing the sale. Give it a ring!Tweet: The next time you’re trying to reach someone, how about trying the phone?
  5. Paperless Post – I like this hybrid mode of communication; I’s like email, but only better. I especially like to use it for VIP invitations to my speaking events.
  6. FaceTime – Again, this tactic is a little controversial, but you see the other person deepening the experience and communication. I recommend asking if it will work for the recipient before calling.What works for you? I’d love to hear!
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