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Small Business Owner Confessions

Confessions of a Small Business Owner

All small business owners juggle getting customers, keeping customers, and remaining profitable. I recently sat down over Zoom with small business owner Denise Barcomb, owner and founder of The Urban Market in Reno to talk about her take on entrepreneurship.

Watch my interview with Denise Barcomb to discover how she:

  1. Articulates her key point of difference
  2. Deals with difficult employees
  3. Stands by her #1 rule of business (of course, it deals with ethics and integrity!)
  4. Found the chutzpah to talk about money and raises
  5. Maximizes revenue—hint: in retail, every square inch counts
  6. AND much, much more!

  1. OK, I can’t wait to visit The Urban Market. I can’t believe it’s been 3 years since you opened. Field trip anyone?

  2. Wow! Great interview and new information for me, I hadn’t known of the Urban Market, thanks for sharing Liz, I’m definitely going to check it out; as an alternative to the convenience store, I love that Reni has a place like this!

    • So excited that you’ll experience THe Urban Market. It’s a very cool place with a distinct niche serving a wide variety of audiences.

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