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Do you have the “it” factor? How to Create Branded Executive Presence

Do you have the “it” factor? How to Create Branded Executive Presence

For many years, the executive suite has been talking about the “it” factor, the “charisma factor” or even “executive presence, but it all boils down to your ability to lead and influence. And, thanks to a spanking new study from the University of Toronto, research shows that you don’t simply have it or you don’t; it can be learned through coaching, practice, and role-play.

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Branded Executive Presence: 3 Key Elements

Branded Executive Presence is comprised of 3 key elements:

  1. How you act
  2. What you say
  3. How you look

In short, it separates the executive wheat from the chaff. The most critical component, however, is tying your executive brand together with your presence. You add your consistent image, words, and actions together so that you exponentially project a strong, leadership brand.

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Listen in as I join Vaughn Sigmon and dish the dirt on Executive Branding.



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