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Can You Create a Gold Medal Nickname?

Olympics 2012 LogoAfter watching James Bond descend into the arena, it’s been a watch-a-thon of thrills, spills, and wills during the Olympics. NBC knows it’s the intriguing stories of the athletes that capture our attention; they morph into celebrity brands and sell everything from determination to deodorant.

And, they collect a nickname along the way. Here’s my Top 10 of gold-medal-worthy nicknames:

  1. Usain Bolt – The Lightning Bolt
  2. Missy Franklin – Missy the Missile
  3. Kerri Walsh – 6 Feet of Sunshine
  4. Misty May Treanor – The Turtle
  5. Michael Hunter- The Bounty Hunter
  6. Michael Phelps – The Baltimore Bullet
  7. Gabby Douglas – The Flying Squirrel
  8. Mary Meagher – Madam Butterfly
  9. Eric Moussambi – The Eel
  10. Florence Griffith Joyner – Flo Jo

But, the real question is why do nicknames matter?

Nicknames are a sign of endearment; we only create them when we truly care. In fact, they become a litmus test of whether you are a name or a brand. If you have a brand, you have raving fans – you have folks who love you; yeah!!

So, go out and celebrate and embrace your nickname.

Have a cool nickname?  Share it with us below.

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  1. Chris Stiehl writes: Remember the US Olympic skier Peek-A-Boo Street? She is now working as a nurse for a hospital in Colorado, intensive care unit. She answers the telephone “Peek-A-Boo, I. C. U.”

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