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Did the Ducks Lose Their Feathers?

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Lack of a Visual Brand Destroyed Oregon’s Image!

I was soooo excited about last night’s game. Finally, a college championship game filled with hope and excitement. And, then, the Oregon Ducks ran onto the field wearing white. White??? What happened?

How can a team known for its vibrant green and yellow uniforms supplied by Nike fade into boring white? How did their uniforms turn into something as exciting as vanilla pudding? Did they lose their feathers?

Here’s the deal: Never forget your visual brand! If you’re known for your “golden globes” as Jennifer Lopez is, flaunt it! If your long locks are a signature item like Jared Leto, go for it! BUT, never abandon your brand signature!

Questions? Fire away in the comments below.

  1. Not sure if you know this- but because Oregon was designated as the “visiting team” they were required to wear white jerseys. This is generally the case in football that visiting team wears white and the home team wears their colors. 🙂

  2. Yes, bout couldn’t they make an exception? Technically, neither team was “home.” And, there was a sea of red (Buckeyes) and green and yellow jerseys, but Oregon was in white.

    So much of the buzz was about their vibrant jerseys that perhaps it alone deflated the team!

    • I said the same thing to my husband last night and he said that the Ducks were the visiting team and were required to wear white. It’s the rule. Also, he LOVED the Ducks uniforms. He pointed out the very modern silver accents on the shirts and helmets and said that Oregon is known for it’s stylish uniforms and lived up to their reputation with last night’s uniform.

  3. I agree 100%! Darker colors are more dominant and powerful. And speaking of branding:

    1. a North American tree or shrub related to the horse chestnut, with showy yellow, red, or white flowers.
    2. an orange and brown New World butterfly with conspicuous eyespots on the wings.

  4. …AND the Ducks could have had green pants, helmet, or any other way to brand out and stand out.

  5. Hi Liz

    We had the very same conversation when the new uniforms were revealed—I went so far as saying that they may lose their “mojo” without the green and yellow of their brand somewhere on the uniforms. Nike could have put green and yellow as a trim on all that sterile white. We all know what happened to Samson when they cut his hair.


  6. You are a riot, John! I love that analogy to Samson; thanks for writing.

  7. Oregon’s identity is that they don’t have one. We are constantly changing. Uniforms represented that.

  8. …and didn’t Oregon’s uniforms remind you of Seattle? Perhaps it was the vibrant green (and their amazing offense) that led the Seahawks to the Superbowl.

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