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Do birthday promotions work?

3 Reasons Why Sending Birthday Wishes is a Win/Win

I’ve been gifted!

With an upcoming birthday, I’ve been feeling the love from DSWChico’sSephoraTotal WineSqueeze In (do you understand my life yet?), but here’s the question: do birthday promotions work?

The Stats Say Yes!

  1. Promotions Drive Traffic – They do if you consider that birthday promotions drive both foot and on-line traffic. As Alex Gourlay, co-chief operating officer of Walgreens Boots Alliance, explains about allowing shoppers from other retailers (including Nordstrom) to return their items at his store: “The main thing is this will drive more footfall into Walgreens.”
  2. Boosts Incremental Purchases – And, consider that retailers allowing customers to pick up their packages from Amazon benefit too. A whopping 70% of U.K. shoppers bought something else when they picked up click-and-collect orders in 2018! So, every step I take into my favorite retailer with my coupon boosts their chances of getting another purchase out of me.
  3. Increases Brand Perception – Let’s not forget the intangible benefits here too. A birthday wish fosters good will. It’s tough, for example, to upset your customer with birthday greetings (unless, of course, you wish me a happy 60th which is still far, far away!) Customers also tend to stay loyal to a company that treats them with respect.

Birthday reminders are now ever present: Facebook and LinkedIn make it easy to take the extra step of not just wishing a formulaic greeting, but gives you the opportunity to snail mail a custom greeting. Try it sometime.

To your sizzling success!

PS: My birthday is June 16

  1. My first birthday promo was the free cone from Baskin Robbins. Anyone else remember that?

  2. I love celebrating. What a great way to let people know you care about them individually!

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