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4 Times in the Sales Process When You Should Dial for Dollars

It seems as if it is all e-mail – all the time. BUT, as much as I love my auto responders (thanks Infusionsoft), sometimes to close the sale, you’ve got to pick up the phone!

I get it; it’s easier and safer to send a follow up email; my #1 offender is an email with a subject line that says: “checking in” or “following up”. UGH! These types of emails don’t provide any value or move along the sale.

4 Times to Pick Up The Phone

Instead, you need to pick up the phone and talk in real time; make a real connection, and reach a real decision. I recommend talking in these instances:

  1. The Sale is Complicated – The minute your product or service is complicated, you better have everyone on the same page. Conference calls or face-to-face meetings work well too.
  2. There are Many Decision-Makers – It seems as if everyone claims to be the major decision-maker; in these instances, I recommend speaking with all members. I remember early on in my career at Macmillan Publishing where I erroneously believed professors who told me that they had unilateral power. Ooops! It was someone else on a committee that I wasn’t aware of because I hadn’t done enough due diligence.
  3. The Price is High – It’s easier to sell a $19 webinar than a $25,000 software package. Your prospect has questions and needs answers. Of course you’ve already sent the information and how the system works, but a solid, scheduled call to review a particular part of the program is worthy of discussion.
  4. Something is Uncomfortable – You know it, you feel it and email won’t help you understand the nuances. You might be brave enough on the phone to ask your question: “I’m sensing that something’s not right here; have I offended you? Did something happen?” These are valid questions to ask in a discussion, but appear awkward in written communication.

So, here’s my suggestion: MAKE A PHONE CALL TODAY! Let me know how you did in the comments below.

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