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Drop 2 sizes Overnite? Really?


OverpromisingCan you really lose a dress size overnight? Make a million dollars while you sleep? The Federal Trade Commission just fined the Ab Circle Pro for promising that exercising on its device just 3 minutes per day could make you lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks. So, isn’t it time we stop the overpromising?

Instead, try these:

1. Set Realistic Expectations – If it normally takes you 2 weeks to do a project, tell the client! Don’t promise the undeliverable.

2. Surprise Clients with a Bonus – If I’ve promised a client 25 taglines, I typically deliver 40. Why? It delivers the message that I want to be of extra service to my clients.

3. If You Over deliver, Tell Them!– Often, my coaching clients will create a special discount or a “no rush” fee, but then don’t make it clear that it is a special for them only. If your offer is special, don’t forget to alert your clients. “Special price” on an invoice makes it clear.



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