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Fire Starter Speaker Bootcamp – Webinar #3

November 25, 2014 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Get Ready to Embrace the World of PAID Speaking

There’s a world of difference between “speak to sell” speakers and “paid to speak” speakers. This program is created for those of you who are tired of pitching from the stage, hoping to sell in the back of the room, and creating your own “pitch fest” events.

An Intense Webinar Program For Those Who Want to be PAID To Speak!

Discover How to Run your PAID Speaking Biz as a Business

This program is all about running your speaking business as a PAID, professional speaker. You get insider advice on booking, fees, expenses, contracts, and all of the little issues that have a big impact on your career. PLUS, you get 21st century tactics that keep your audience engaged in an attention-deficit-deprived world. Discover in a step-by-step fashion how to remain relevant, compelling, and get booked now!

A Bullet-Tested Program That Works!

My coaching clients were demanding to know how I completely turned my biz around from hemorrhaging in the recession in 2007 to a thriving biz today. I routinely keynote high profile events across the globe (including China!) and have coached over 323 entrepreneurs to success.

I took all of my ideas, formulas, and even templates and put them together to create a winning program that puts you center stage. Unlike presentation skill experts who teach, but don’t speak, I share the realities of speaking today.

avatar …and get invited to speak to some of the biggest stages in the country!

Mara Hoover, FemmePowerU | FinancialPowerU

I hired Liz as a coach to uncover the secrets of the speaking industry and perfect my keynote talk. While coaching with Liz she helped me write a punchy bio, develop 3 rocking keynote talks, align and brand my companies into a complete package and get invited to speak to some of the biggest stages in the country! If you are looking to take your business, book and speaking to the next level, Liz is the RED HOT coach to get it done.

Give yourself the best holiday present and enroll now! By Christmas, you’ll be armed and ready to speak for profit in 2015!

17 Templates for R&D: Rip Off and Duplicate to Make Them Work for YOU!

PLUS, you get templates and key documents saving you hours of time and frustration. You simply revise to fit you and you are on your way!

1. Speaker Letter of Agreement that includes 7 secret clauses that ensure you get paid and get booked again…and again
2. How to Write a One-Sheet Booklet so that you get additional instruction and examples
3. Speaker Questionnaire for securing the event to ensure you ask the right questions to get the right answers.
4. Speaker Checklist after confirming the speech so no detail is left to chance
5. Tell me More Forms for staying in contact with audience members
6. 30 Commandments of Speaking so that your business flourishes!
7. Evaluation Forms in order to check progress and improvement
8. Raffle Forms to reward your members and secure contact information
9. Order Forms because you MUST make an offer!
10. 40 Ways To Negotiate If They Can’t Pay Your Full Fee – an essential tool in a post-recession world
11. 99 Power Verbs for writing your speaking description so that you stop using the same, tired verbs all of the time!
12. How to Write a Branded Bio so that your credibility attracts the right clients
13. How to Write a Verbal Intro – There are critical differences between a bio and a verbal introduction and you must be able to create both of them documents
14. Anatomy of a Speech Description so that you see how every word has its unique purpose in selling the speech
15. Innovative Ways To Promote Your Own Event because you must get “butts in seats”
16. The 22 Deadly Sins of Speaking so that you avoid every one and instead get standing ovations, applause, and more spin-off speeches!
17. The RED HOT Speaking Essentials Checklist for creating a talk that delivers applause, information, entertainment, and business

Unlike other webinars in which you simply learn the information and then pray that you get to it sometime, in this boot camp, we actually create the key elements week- by-week.

Dealing with the Realities and Unexpected World of Speaking

There is preparation and then there is reality. Even as a seasoned pro, your own cell phone can go off just like Tom Brokaw, but that doesn’t mean you crash and burn. I share with you all of the bizarre things that happened to me and HOW to deal with them!

– Your microphone catches on fire – it’s true!
– You are introduced by the wrong name
– The meeting planner asks you to either double or half your keynote – with less than 2 minutes of warning
– You literally walk out of your shoe on stage!
– An earthquake rocks the room

BUT, relax, because I share exactly how to expect the unexpected and have a back-up plan.

Your Take-Aways Make You Speaker Ready!

In just 6 short sessions, you go from “speaker wannabe” to a full-fledged speaker armed with all of the essentials tools and wisdom to fire start your career. This special course takes you from creating your electronic speaking package to crafting your first speech to getting paid!

Join me and master the:

1. Best way to start a speech… and the one technique that always fails
2. Secrets to developing a talk that keeps your audience engaged… and wanting more!
3. 22 key questions to get the gig
4. Hidden techniques that work to ensure your audience never forgets your name
5. Do’s and don’ts of making an offer from the stage
6. Foundation of pacing, pausing, repetition, volume, and tone
7. Fun ways to add edutainment to every talk – regardless of the topic
8. Easy ways to create sexy speaking titles that gets butts in seats
9. 7 innovative requests that MUST be part of every single speaking contract…but no one else every told you before now!
10. Essential rules you MUST know about Q&A in order to be successful
11. Techniques for getting spin off speeches and getting hired back year after year
12. 13 new elements of speaking that demonstrate your expertise for today’s ADD world
13. Effortless way for creating demand for your products and services that don’t make you sound like a used-car salesmen
14. Truth about fees…and how to get paid even when the group says they have no budget

Wow! Look at What You Walk Away With:

Graduation from my boot camp means you walk away with all of these tools:

1. Speaker one sheet to get you booked
2. Sizzling titles for your 3-5 keynotes that fire up your audience
3. Speech descriptions of your keynotes that meetings planners easily cut and paste into their programs
4. Your hot bio that gets used in full programs and on your websites
5. Verbal introduction that perks up the ears of your audience
6. Killer opening and closings of your talks
7. Interactive exercises that engage and entertain
8. A handout that works for you…and your audience
9. Secrets for making an offer without offending your client
10. Delivering a red hot speech that audiences and meeting planners love

Basically, this is a program centered upon YOU succeeding! If you are truly ready to fire start your career as a PAID speaker, sign up for this program now!

Join this Program If You are Ready to Embark Upon a PAID Professional Speaking Career

This Program is For You If You Are:

1. Ready to say goodbye to free speeches
2. Tired of going to “pitch fest” events and hoping you’ll breakeven
3. Confident that you have a unique brand and style
4. Eager to monetize your message

Sneak Peek of How Each Webinar Gives You the Answers You Need

Twice a week for 3 consecutive weeks, you get a 60-minute webinar jam-packed with behind-the-scenes secrets and how-to insider knowledge. And, of course, as the information is recorded, you don’t have to worry about missing a session because the content is available for download at your convenience.

Session 1: Igniting Your Career as a Speaker, Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 2pm PST – FIRST CLASS IS FREE, but you must register:
1. The truth about fees, travel and exhaustion!
2. Insider secrets to help you plan and navigate the new terrain
3. How to run your speaking biz like a business
4. Committing to a path of continuous improvement
5. Creating evaluation forms and testimonials

Session 2: Marketing the Brand YOU & Getting Booked! Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 2pm PST
1. Creating your Internet footprint
2. The art of talking to meeting planners
3. Creating a checklist of key questions to ask
4. Negotiating the deal when they have no budget
5. The truth about “showcase” events
6. Creating your speaker zip file
7. Closing the deal on the phone
8. Boosting attendance to help your meeting planner
9. Selling the brand YOU!

Session 3: Creating Red Hot Bios, Titles, and Verbal Intros That Sell, Tuesday, November 25, 2014 at 2pm PST
1. Creating sizzling and sexy speaking titles
2. 7 Essentials of a one-sheet
3. Implementing a “magic formula” for writing speech descriptions
4. Copywriting secrets that sell your one sheet to meeting planners
5. Differentiating between a bio and a verbal introduction

Session 4: Crafting a Smokin’ Hot Talk, Tuesday, December 2, 2014 at 2pm PST
1. Creating a speech that informs, entertains, and provides value!
2. Speaking in a Twitter-happy world
3. Adding fun factors and cool quotients
4. Mastering pace, pause, repetition, volume, and tone
5. Perfecting the art of storytelling
6. Avoiding the 13 deadly sins of speaking

Session 5: Spicy Extras that Make Your Career Soar! Thursday, December 4, 2014
1. Fool-proof techniques so that your audience never forgets your name
2. The nuances of answering and dealing with Q&A
3. Providing value and long-lasting learning Incorporating interactive exercises
4. Using the stage, props, and handouts
5. Converting a speech into a long-term business relationship
6. Developing a signature brand look
7. Weaving in your brand DNA so that the speech sounds just like YOU!
8. Creating custom phrases, stories, and experiences that audiences love
9. How to make ‘em laugh!

Session 6: Monetizing Your Message and Dealing with Money – Tuesday, December 9, 2014
1. Getting sponsors for your speeches
2. How to get more speeches from your speeches
3. Savvy ways to stay connected with your attendees
4. Innovative ways to price your speeches
5. Letting your audience know about your products/services without offending your client
6. Taking credit cards, using auto-bill, and other financial features
7. Mastering follow up with your host and audience
8. Insider “how to’s” on deposits, cancellation fees, airfare, out-of-pocket expenses, and more!

EXTRA BONUS!!! A Special Q&A To Get All Your Questions Answered AFTER You’ve Been Practicing Thursday, January 21, 2014

I know that you’ll have questions….and probably most of them won’t come up until after you’ve booked a speech or when you’ve already written your one-sheet. No worry! Liz is at your rescue with this special session where you save all of your questions and get them answered.

This Program Works for You…On Your Schedule

Listen Live or Listen Later, but the Learning is “On Demand” for You

I understand that you’re busy and can’t commit to being live on every call – no worries! Every single class is recorded so that you don’t miss a moment of the audio or PowerPoint. And, you get the transcript and audio too so that you review and reinforce key concepts.

This Bootcamp is live Every Tuesday and Thursday, 2 pm – 3 pm PST but always on demand. It doesn’t matter what your schedule is…this program works around you!

3 Reasons this Program is Unique and Different… and Perfect if you want to get PAID to Speak

Speaker Bootcamp works for you because it is:

1. Insider Info from a Pro – Based upon my travels, travails, and travesties, I created ironclad contracts, policies, and tricks that work to get you booked, rebooked, and paid.

2. Real Info from a Real Speaker – I don’t just speak about speaking; I make my living as a PAID speaker! From Beijing to Boston, I am a highly paid keynoter delivering informational talks with my trademarked tone, stories, and non-stop energy.

3. Based Upon Today’s World – Unlike other programs that were created in the Pleistocene era before the Internet, this Bootcamp is focused on marketing you with the hot tools of today: Digital one-sheets, SEO, social media, and blog posts that don’t rely upon speaker bureaus or speaking agents.

You pay off this investment with just one speech!

Rapid Fire Responders Get Super Bonuses!

Since I’ve been getting asked about this program for over 2 years, I’m ready to reward rapid responders who are ready to take action today.

BONUS #1: The First 5 Responders Get Their One-Sheets Reviewed by Me!
Oh, I hear this all the time: “I already have a one-sheet, but it’s not working!” If this essential marketing tool is holding you back, you better register now! In a private one-on-one conversation, I’ll share with you exactly what is right…and wrong with your Yep, this is over a $497 value!!!!!!

BONUS #2: The First 5 Responders Get A FREE Mastermind with Me!
If you’ve been dying to get all of your questions answered, this is your lucky day. Put Friday, the 13th (Friday, February 13, 2015) on your calendar and fly on out to gorgeous San Diego. These Masterminds are mind-blowing good…and effective.

BONUS #3: FREE Digital Copy of My Not-Released Yet HOW TO SPEAK GOODER!
Reserve your spot by Tuesday, November 11th at 5 pm PST and nab your pre-publication today! If you are a learner by reading, you’ll appreciate the innovative ways the material is presented.

YES! I’m Ready to Fire Start My Speaking Career!

I know that by signing up today, I get:

  1. 6 sessions of jam-packed, meaty content starting on November 6, 2014 at 2 pm for 3 consecutive weeks; each webinar is 60 minutes long and I can listen on demand if I can’t make it live.

  2. All of the audio, PowerPoints, and transcripts so that I review and reinforce key concepts
  3. A BONUS Q&A session on Thursday, January 21, 2015
  4. AND If I am one of the first 5 rapid responders, I also get
    1. FREE One-sheet reviewed by Liz
    2. FREE attendance at Liz’s Mastermind on Friday, February 13, 2015
    3. FREE Digital Copy of Liz’s Not-Released Yet How To Speak Gooder!

Your Investment:

Yes! I want to get PAID to speak! Sign me up for one simple payment of $1997.00

Yes! I want to get PAID to speak! Sign me up for the easy 4 pay plan of just $597.00 per month for 4 consecutive months.

BUT, What if you Need One-on-One Help?

Here’s a Private Option. If you know that group coaching doesn’t work for you, sign up now for my Private PAID to Speak Bootcamp. You get the same program and materials, but with the secret ingredient of me!

That’s right, I work with you week by week to ensure you hit every milestone. But get this: I review all of your materials so that you not only create them, but that they really work to get you booked.

Yes! I want a Private One-on-One Bootcamp with Liz. Sign me up for just $3500.

Yes! I want a Private One-on-One Bootcamp with Liz. Sign me up for just 4 easy payments of $975.00 per month for 4 consecutive months.


November 25, 2014
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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