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March 7, 2014 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

6 Weeks to Launching Your SPEAKING CAREER (March 7, 2014 – April 25) – 1st CLASS IS FREE!

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  • Are you finally ready to become a speaker?
  • Do you know you’re a good speaker, but want to become a phenomenal speaker?
  • Is it time to step out from behind your teleseminars and grab the microphone?
  • Are you speaking, but not making the money you deserve?

If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Finally Here’s a Program Created for Today’s Web-Centric World!

If you’re like me, you’re tired of listening to “old school” speakers who started when bureaus booked most of their speeches. In fact, these folks still recommend a one-sheet WITHOUT your contact info on it. Really?

Let’s get clear:  Creating demo videos, printing one-sheets, and trying to get an agent are all ideas that went out with your CD player. Today’s speakers need to master the new rules that reflect a post-recession economy and a web-centric world.

A Red Hot Combo of Speaking Skills PLUS Revenue Secrets

There are a ton of speaker programs out there, but they mostly focus on either teaching you platform skills or selling skills. BUT, the reality is that you need both.  You can’t just deliver a sensational speech without monetizing your message and if you only speak to sell, you don’t provide enough content to get booked again!

Instead, you need the inside scoop on HOW to run your speaking biz to make money PLUS how to deliver knock-your-socks-off content.

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My coaching clients were demanding to know how I completely turned my biz around from hemorrhaging in the recession in 2007 to a thriving biz today. I routinely keynote high profile events across the globe (including China!)  and have coached over 323 entrepreneurs to success.

I took all of my ideas, formulas, and even templates and put them together to create a winning program that puts you center stage. Unlike presentation skill experts who teach, but don’t speak, I share the realities of speaking today.

Dealing with the Realities and Unexpected World of Speaking

I even tell you how to deal with the bizarre things that happened to me:

      • Your microphone catches on fire – it’s true!
      • You are introduced by the wrong name
      • The meeting planner asks you to either double or half your keynote – with less than 2 minutes of warning
      • An earthquake rocks the room

Your Take-Aways Make You Speaker Ready!

In just 6 short weeks, you go from “speaker wannabe” to a full-fledged speaker armed with all of the essentials tools and wisdom to fire start your career. This special course takes you from creating your electronic speaking package to crafting your first speech to getting paid!

Join me and master the:

  • Best way to start a speech… and the one technique that always fails
  • Secrets to developing a talk that keeps your audience engaged… and wanting more!
  • 22 key questions to get the gig
  • Hidden techniques that work to ensure your audience never forgets your name
  • Do’s and don’ts of making an offer from the stage
  • Foundation of pacing, pausing, repetition, volume, and tone
  • Fun ways to add edutainment to every talk – regardless of the topic
  • Easy ways to create sexy speaking titles that gets butts in seats
  • 4 innovative requests that MUST be part of every single speaking contract…but no one else every told you before now!
  • Essential rules you MUST know about Q&A in order to be successful
  • Techniques for getting spin off speeches and getting hired back year after year
  • 13 new elements of speaking that demonstrate your expertise for today’s ADD world
  • Creating products and services that deliver an endless stream of predicted revenue
  • Truth about fees…and how to get paid even when the group says they have no budget

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March 7, 2014
10:00 am - 11:30 am
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