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Cupcake Wars came to a dramatic close when contestants were challenged to bake a cupcake in the style of one of 4 Food Network stars. Bake a Bobby Flay confection? Create a Giada concoction? You betcha! 

Could your clients bake your brand? They could if you:

  1. Embrace a Signature Food – Wait! Of course, service brands can partner with a food. Doubletree serves up chocolate chip cookies, Ronald Reagan became the man behind the jelly bean, and my audiences know that I always reward hot ideas with Hot Tamales.
  2. Radiate a Consistent Style – Are you hip? Modern? Conservative? If I were cooking up a cake a la Usher, for example, it would be a cake pop because it is so “of the moment,” include a hip ingredient such as chipotle and chocolate, and be served up on a CD.
  3. Exaggerate a Characteristic – Fran Drescher’s brand would be rugelach (a delicious Jewish deli delight), Paula Deen could range from Southern fried corn fritters to even a turnover (representing her new, lighter life), and Scott Ginsberg’s cake would have to bare a nametag just like him!

What food represents you? Please share with comments below.

  1. I took Liz’s insight and use See’s Gourmet Lollypops as a signature food for my brand. I call them my “Ergo Pops” Why? As you unwrap the smooth candy, you’ll notice a key ergonomic guideline. It has no sharp edges! I give these out at all my presentations. People find out ergonomics can be fun and delicious at the same time. Pam Kalivas

  2. I feel a Snickers Attack coming on! Or maybe Ho-Ho’s! Ah—then there’s Chuckles! (Good Humor bars may melt before my presentation is over…) hahahahahahaha!
    Yours in laughter!
    Karyn Buxman

  3. …and don’t forget: food makes everyone happy!

  4. Liz-
    Great ideas, as usual. For me, the food is popcorn. You may remember the “Popcorn Story” from my talks and the book Henry and I wrote (Pain Killer Marketing). It dates back to my first client, a small-town movie theater in 1974. Often, when I give presentations, after the popcorn story, or at the end, I pass out small microwave popcorn bags with all the key contact information on a sticker on the outer plastic wrapping. It is another way to make the story (and thereby my brand) more memorable. The audience loves it. This kind of thing, when directly related to the content, works wonders for consultants.

  5. I love this promo! And, I do think about you and popcorn together.

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