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Should You Fire Your Client?

Is it heresy to think about getting rid of a client? No, it is smart and profitable to walk away from a bad client. Why?

1. It drains your energy
2. The money is never worth the aggravation
3. Stops you from creating raving fans
4. Hard to achieve results with a poor partner
5. Prevents you from accepting better clients

I tell my coaching clients that they aren’t truly a successful entrepreneur until they’ve walked away from a big dollar deal because they knew it was the wrong fit. Making a decision on money alone is usually the wrong decision.

Every time that I’ve chosen the short term dollars and not listened to my gut, I’ve regretted it. Today, I LOVE my clients. I can’t wait to see them, jump for joy for their success, Tweet for them, and become their raving fan. They are coachable! (Take a look at my coaching packages.)

What about you? What are your stories about parting ways with a client?  Tell me your stories below in the comments.

  1. Liz, Terrific advice. I agree with you completely: Cleaning up a client list takes determination and finesse. Along a similar line, I wrote a column for a year or so ago, titled Let Customers Go Without Ruining Your Reputation that’s been picked up by a number of outlets. Here’s a link to an Entrepreneur repost.
    Keep the good advice coming!

  2. Oh, thanks for sharing; appreciate it!

  3. Well said Liz and couldn’t agree more! It’s tough to do sometimes to fire a client but it is worth it in the long run.

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