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Goof Proof Your Name: Why Getting Your Name Right is the First Step in Earning Flawless Recall


The essential first step in branding is “flawless recall.” People must remember you and your name each time and every time. And, as we all know, if folks aren’t sure about how to pronounce your name, they won’t!

Even John Boehner, the Speaker of the House, has trouble getting people to pronounce his name correctly. Can you imagine meeting him and saying, a pleasure to meet you Congressman Boner?

Watch video here

SO, it’s incumbent upon you to develop techniques today to ensure that your name is uttered correctly. Is it Mizhir – rhymes with leisure? Is it Kalem? Just like Salem, but with a K? Are you the Queen of Networking? You can introduce yourself twice (Bond, James Bond) or hand over a business card at the same time thereby doubling recall rates. But, whatever mnemonic device you use, it just has to work!

What do you do to ensure that folks remember your name? I’m all ears and eyes in the comments below.

  1. My name is Nomi, a nickname for Naomi
    I often say to people to help them remember:
    “To Know Me is to Love Me” (oh, wow, I’ve never said that before)
    usually elicits a laugh.

  2. Nomi- this is brilliant! thanks for sharing.

  3. When I send my introduction to the client, I can’t be sure that the person I’ve been speaking with will end up introducing me (even if they say they will; things change). So I have a little pronunciation guide at the top for both my name and my company name.

    It says:

    Just so you’ll get things right, my name is pronounced MY-low, not MEE-low. And my company, IMPROVentures is like the words improv and ventures…so improv like the comedy style, not like the word “improve”.

    Overkill? Maybe. But no one blows it after they read that once.

    I actually wish people would put pronunciation on their business cards. I’ve seen it on resumes and I think that’s brilliant so the interviewer doesn’t embarrass him/herself getting it wrong.

  4. This is great stuff, MY LOW! I have another client, Esther, who writes her verbal intro this way too: WINEberg just to make sure.

    Karyn Buxman also has hysterical stories about being introduced (mostly by men) as Buxom!

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