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Great Titles Sell a Benefit, Result, or Experience

Hollywood continues its full-frontal naming strategy by giving us Man on a Ledge and We Bought a Zoo. (“hmm, honey, I wonder what that movie is about…”), but the question for entrepreneurs is: Does it work?

My short answer is no. Whether you are writing email subject lines or titling a seminar, you cannot use labels.  Great seminar titles sell a benefit, result, or an experience. For example, I will never attend Financial Planning 101, but I would attend: 7 Secrets for Saving Money on Your 2011 Taxes. See the difference?

Want More Insider Help on Titling and Running a Successful Speaking Biz?  As a motivational “speecher” and entrepreneur throughout the dot com/dot bomb and 2008 eras, I know what it takes to survive. Join me for an innovative look at running your speaking business as a business and discover how to:

  • Write compelling titles that puts “butts in seats”
  • Avoid the one word that prevents prospects from registering
  • Grab flawless recall so that you get spin-off speeches
  • Tell fact from fiction when it comes to “free speeches,” getting paid, and taking credit cards
  • Intersperse the 48 “magic” words that get attendees to buy
  • Ring up sales in the back of the room even if you’ve been told you can’t
  • Master the “10 Commandments of Speaking” so that you have a repeatable model that works

Join Me!
Thursday, February, 23, 2012 – Speaking as a Biz: Insider Secrets to Creating a Sustainable and Profitable Career!

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