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Liz Goodgold is a Branding Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author and Consultant who solves real problems with real results.


Branding Speaker

Liz Goodgold is a fireball of energy who turns ho-hum programs into gung-ho events. Kicking to the curb the old rules of speaking at an audience, she interacts with them serving up red hot, on-the-spot advice.

Since she practices what she “speeches,” Liz models solid principles in both personal and corporate branding. Ripping examples directly from the headlines, her audience recognizes what sizzles and fizzles in the world of branding today.


Personal Branding 101:

Personal branding takes courage; it takes chutzaph; it takes cajones, and for ladies: it takes vajones!

The meek shall not inherit the earth, but the big, the bold, and the branded will get remembered, get promoted, and get the business.

Branding expert Liz Goodgold works with entrepreneurs and employees to boost their visibility, credibility, and profitability.


Brand Name Creation

So, you need a name. How hard could that be? You just put together a 6-pack of your colleagues, brainstorm ideas, and then repeatedly check domain availability on Go Daddy, right? WRONG!

Good naming requires a concerted effort from all walks of life and specifically NOT from your industry so that you stop inhaling your own fumes.

We take an unconventional approach to create innovative brand names that work.

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