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How NOT to Morph like Miley


4 Signs It’s Time To Change Your Brand Image

Miley Cyrus sure knows how to turn her family-friendly, clean-cut, Disney-dream girl image on its head. BUT the question is not whether it’s working or not (yep! she is getting a ton of press), but rather when should we change our brand image?

A brand is always a perception; it is not what you say you are, but how others perceive you.

Here’s my list of when to change your brand image:

  1. When there is a negative perception of you – If your image is hurting you, preventing you from getting hired or promoted, this is a BIG sign. I’m doing a special webinar just for employees on building their personal brand in November; more details here.
  2. When you are forgettable – Great people are unforgettable; if you find yourself constantly reintroducing yourself, you have a branding problem.
  3. When you are no longer relevant – This situation is analogous to Modem Media. Quick: what is a modem? If you’re the expert in old technology or an outdated topic, it’s time to rebrand.
  4. When you are on a new mission – If you’ve had a huge life shift or career change, clearly you are on a new trajectory and your brand needs to change as well.

Need extra help? I have a mastermind coming up on Thursday, September 26; it’s a perfect place to ask questions and get clarity.

What’s your story? Please comment below.

PS: Read what I had to say about the Kardashians over here.

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