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How to Price Your Services Like Fine Wine

Pricing like Wine | Liz Goodgold

I am a huge wineaux – loving the bouquet, bottling, terroir, and taste of fine wine. BUT, what I really love is the marketing! Why is Screaming Eagle $1500 per bottle? Why is Sea Smoke on allocation? And, how can you price your services just like a fine wine?

  1. Limit Supply – Just as there were only 250 cases produced of Hundred Acre Precious, you need to limit how many one-on-one spots are available with you or the number of seats to your seminar.
  2. Support Price with Packaging – Cheap packaging + high price = confusion. Instead, create a consistent high end image. Indulge in bags, quality-designed emails, and business cards.
  3. Add a Touch of Je Ne Sais Quoi – Customers do not make buying decisions rationally; there is a nuance to the process. And, sometimes, a touch of “that which cannot be explained” is a good thing. What is your secret sauce?

If you are confused about how to price your services, come on down to my jam-packed webinar OR seminar on pricing. All details can be found at the links below:

For information on the LIVE SEMINAR on 2/19, click here.

For information on the WEBINAR on 2/21, click here.

Please share your stories with me in the comments below.

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