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How to Smile Like Sabine Lisicki

The German tennis player, Sabine Lisicki, squelched Serena William’s 34-match winning streak by beating her in the Round of 16 at Wimbledon, but the real news is this: here is a player who loves to play.
In an era when tears, grunts, smirks, and anger rule on the tennis court, it is a whisk of fresh air to watch this “giant slayer” giggle, laugh, and even smile. She hits a ball waaaay out and she doesn’t hit herself over the head with a racquet (unlike some bad boys of tennis), but rather laughs. There is genuine joy in her play; there is joy in her work; shouldn’t there be joy in your work too?
Stop for a moment and ask yourself:
  1. Am I smiling today?
  2. Do I love what I do?
  3. If not, why not?

Today is the day; today is YOUR day; make it an amazing one!  All comments are welcome below.

  1. Delighted to get very favorable response to this blog. I heard over and over how unhappy Serena looked on the court.

    I agree it’s hard to be happy when you are losing, but shouldn’t she enjoy the journey?

  2. I am smiling every day, I am blessed to have a wonderful career and I do enjoy reading your newsletter. Love your brand too. fyi, I write for the Lehigh Valley Chamber Blog and wrote an article about smiling. I think, for some smiling doesn’t come naturally and they have to work on it, but some are just plain miserable. Hoping they someday decide to keep their misery to themselves.

  3. Oh, send over the link to your article on smiling.

    I too smile and laugh at lot!

  4. Smiling is infectious! If you smile, others will smile with you!

    It’s hard to smile when you’re not enjoying yourself, “If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, then change the way you think about it.”

    When my girls were little we would go for hikes or walks and they would complain of being tired, hot or a million other things, I always told them to think happy thoughts and smile to get through the difficult times.

  5. If we enjoy our work, smiles are effortless … love your post Liz … that was an awesome upset.


  6. …and Sabine just keeps on smiling and winning! I can’t wait to watch the ladies final.

  7. Wow! The ladies final was a major disappointment as Sabine let the occasion overpower her game. She needed to remain in the moment and focus.

    • Awesome job! Your document inspired me to solve a dissimilar problem where Robbie (Roomba 560) became unsirponseve. Turns out besides a faulty soldering job on the crystal you describe the springs attached to the bottom of the circuit board were too short to make contact. After a quick resolder and elongating those springs, Robbie is back up and running. Cheers!

  8. One year later and she is still smiling! The grass must be her best friend and I’m rooting for her.

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