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How to Write a Branded Bio that Brings in the Biz!

Every entrepreneur, executive, and employee needs a bio. But none of us were ever taught HOW to write a bio….until now.

In just 90 eye-opening minutes, Liz Goodgold shares her 7-Step Formula on how to create a Branded Bio that sells and closes for you. Jammed with examples from over 220 clients that she has coached, this fiery redhead spills her insider secrets that separate a bio that makes prospects say “OK” to one where clients say “yeah! I want to work with you!”

Join Liz and discover how to:

  1. Test if your bio is winning….or losing the biz for you.
  2. Incorporate a “cool quotient” that gets every reader to start a conversation with you!
  3. Inject your brand DNA into your copy so that prospects are pre-sold on YOU!
  4. Avoid the #1 mistake that most entrepreneurs make and they don’t even know it!
  5. Master the easy techniques that synthesize all of your divergent experience so you don’t even have to conveniently “forget “your past jobs to demonstrate competence in your current position.
  6. Create a verbal introduction (Yep! An intro is different than a bio and I’ll share with you why!)


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