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Joint Ventures

I adore joint ventures!

Partnering opens new targets and possibilities. To ensure that that we are both on the same page, please review the following questions and my answers. If it’s a good match, I’m game!

Who is Your Target Market? – please let me know about them by:

  • Demographics – Male/female, zip code, age, income, etc.
  • Psychographics – What is their mindset? Do they want to succeed at any cost? Sports-minded?
  • Industry/occupation – Authors? Coaches? Writers?

My Target: entrepreneurs, executives, solopreneurs, coaches, lawyers, accountants with a 60/40 emphasis on women. My clients are motivated to succeed and invest in their own success.

List Size- Yes, numbers count. Please let me know your:

  • # of opt-ins for your list – must be over 5,000
  • # of twitter followers
  • # of likes on Facebook
  • Connections on LinkedIn

My list: Over 6,000 opt-in emails, 500 Twitter followers, 150 likes on Facebook, over 500 connections on LinkedIn.

Joint Venture History – past experience with joint ventures?

  • When was your last event?
  • Who did you partner with?
  • How many opted in?
  • How many clicked in to the recording
  • How many purchased?

My History: I have partnered with Practice Pay Solutions, Nancy Juetten, Noomi, Global Teleclass, and others. In fact, with my partners, we’ve been able to get over 1,000 opt-ins for a single call!

How To Work Together

  1. Create a Program– If we are a good fit, let’s offer one of these programs:
    1. The 7-Second Hook Revealed
    2. How to Create a Hot Personal Brand
    3. Secrets to Getting Publicity
  2. Become an Affiliate of Each Other – Please sign up here. I pay commissions of 20% on all products and coaching programs.
  3. Write Amazing and Compelling Sales Copy
  4. Start the Promotion!

Here’s to our mutual success!  Email Me with the information requested.


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