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Your 7-Second Hook Revealed

How To Create A Headwhip Effect And Get Referred And Rewarded With New Business


If your business grows by networking and personal relationships, you MUST have a compelling 7-second hook. Now is the time to say goodbye to the old-school 30-second infomercial and say hello to the technique that will get your phone to ring with referrals and new customers!

4 Sizzling Secrets to Branding You’ll Discover:

In this seminar, you’ll be armed with the fire power to:
1. Determine your brand DNA so that your hook is appropriate for you!
2. Create words and phrases that cause a “head whip” effect
3. Start a dialogue dance and really “give them something’ to talk about.”
4. Master the art of the “f” word –follow up!

PLUS, you’ll experience the value of:
 Successful Examples – See and hear exactly how other small and large businesses used these exact same principles to double their business
 Interactive Exercises – You’ll work your way through the essential steps focused on your business with help from Liz and your colleagues

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