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Branding For Speakers

7 Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Your Bookings, Business, and Bottom-line


The speaking field has become fiercely competitive; how are you going to stand out from the sea of similarity?

In this powerful program, Liz unveils the 7 secret branding strategies that will help you build a brand that increases mindshare, market share, and bookings.


 Creating a Brand Name

The debate continues: Should you brand your name or your program? What are the insider tips to creating a good name? Learn how to create a winning name or improve upon the name you already have.


 Mastering Your Domain

The web has permanently changed the way speakers grow revenue; learn how to ensure that prospects can find you and do business with you.


 Protecting Your Intellectual Property

Discover how to protect your brand name and know the difference between trademark infringement vs. mindshare infringement.


 Grabbing Mindshare

One of the secrets to building a great brand is getting your prospects’ mindshare. If meeting planners can’t remember you, they can’t book you.


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