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How to Fire Up Your Personal Brand to Get Rewarded, Promoted, and On the Right Career Track


A strong personal brand is just as essential for employees as it is for entrepreneurs. It is your secret weapon for getting your company to remember you in order to retain, promote, and reward you.

In this fun, interactive talk, branding guru Liz Goodgold shows you how to identify your brand DNA, demonstrate your superpowers to the workplace, and create a consistent image throughout your entire career. Working in teams and on your own, you walk away with a job blueprint for success.

Benefits of Attending this Workshop:

Join this fun and entertaining session and master how to:

  1. Determine your USP (unique selling proposition)
  2. Introduce yourself in a manner that creates “flawless recall”
  3. Create a 7-second hook introduction that works internally as well as outside of the company
  4. Develop a strong visual brand that is consistent with your brand DNA
  5. Craft your self-review so that you can work with your supervisor to achieve specific goals
  6. Write your Executive Summary necessary for resumes, job reviews, and LinkedIn profiles

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