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How to Create a Hot Personal Brand and Have Customers for Life!


Branding is not just a gimmick of the moment; it is your secret weapon for standing out, getting ahead, and getting the business. Join Liz for an interactive, engaging, and rapid fire talk as she shares practical and tactical ideas that you can learn today and implement tomorrow!

Listen to Liz as she shares how to:

1. Discover Your Brand DNA:
There is a difference between a forgettable name and an indelible brand. Learn how to create a complete brand so that your name is on everyone’s lips.

2. Master a 7-second Hook:
Now is the time to say goodbye to the 30-second infomercial and hello the 7-second hook that gets people to remember you in order to do business to you AND refer business to you.

3. Develop a Proprietary Vocabulary:
With your own unique words and phrases, you create a brand that is not easily compared to others making it easier to charge more and justify your fees.

4. Creating Buzz and Referrals:
Most of us claim to earn our business by referral, but how do we exponentially grow this component? Master the methods of “giving them something to talk about.”

5. Create the Brand Experience:
As we move into the experience economy, it’s essential that every touchpoint deliver upon your brand promise.


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