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Branding for Women

How Women Can Create a Hot Personal Brand so That Customers and Clients Choose “YOU”!


Many women believe that branding is only for big consumer product companies with even bigger budgets. But, the truth is that sizzling branding principles applied to the brand called “YOU” can lead to exponential growth.

In this entertaining talk crafted especially for women, Liz addresses relevant issues that bring in the business including:

  • The difference between branding and boasting
  • Words and phrases that attract clients and which ones repel them
  • How your visual brand plays a key role in attracting prospects
  • The secrets to creating your own proprietary vocabulary that positions you as the expert
  • Getting comfortable with charging what you are worth and stating your fees without cringing
  • Crafting a 7-second hook that leads to flawless recall and endless referrals

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