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How to Leverage Your Relationships for More Sales


Networking is more than just professional party-going; it’s creating a relationship that keeps you in the forefront of the minds of your prospects, customers, vendors, and partners.

In this interactive format, Liz unveils the secret strategies you need to ensure that networking works for you:

1. Get Known, Get Respect, and Get the Business

People do business with those they know, like, and respect. Learn how to make the most of your relationships so that you capture top-of-mind awareness and become the “go-to” person in your industry.

2. Prepare, Prepare, and Prepare
Uncover the tricks of the trade used by quintessential networkers. Successful networkers actually begin preparing for an event two days.

3. Talking the Talk
Creating an unforgettable infomercial is critical to becoming a successful networker. Liz will teach you the easy method to devising your own infomercial that will have your name on every attendee’s lips—and mind.

4. It’s in the (Business) Cards
Business cards are the most essential tool of a business. But are yours working hard for you? Recognize the 7 must-haves your business card should contain in order to grow your business and network successfully.

5. The Key to Following Up
Networking doesn’t end when everyone leaves. That’s when the real networking begins. Find out why following up promptly after an event is what sets you apart and sets you up for success.

6. How To Ask For and Get Referrals
The number one reason for lack of referrals is that business don’t ask! Liz unveils the unbelievably simple ways to get people to refer business to you—and happily do it again and again.

7. How To Use Social Networking for Business
If you think social networking is just for teens, think again. Welcome to the world of tweeting and LinkedIn where you can raise your visibility, increase referrals, reconnect with acquaintances, and most importantly, boost your bottom line!


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