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Redfire Publicity

How to Create a Hot Image that Builds Your Brand and Your Business


This Talk Is For You If…

  • YOU have screamed at the TV or newspaper and said, “they should be quoting me!”
  • YOU want to be positioned as the industry expert!
  • YOU want to grow your business without advertising in 2010! 

Red Fire Publicity is a jam-packed, hands-on workshop designed to ensure you walk away with media hooks, unforgettable pitches, soundbites, press releases, and a public relations plan that gets YOU in the spotlight!

5 Secrets to Public Relations You Will Discover:

  1. Create compelling media hooks, especially for TV
  2. Respond to reporter queries that get you quoted
  3. Write “screaming good” headlines for your articles and press releases
  4. Develop soundbites that must go into every media interview
  5. Master the do’s and don’ts of every media appearance

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