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How to Create a Sizzling Brand Name That Boosts Your Business!


  • If you’re an entrepreneur struggling with how to name your company, this program is for you
  • If you’re a marketing executive in charge of numerous brands and brand extensions, this program is for you.
  • If you’re the head of a company and need to launch an unnamed new product or service, this program is for you 

Brand names are everywhere, but it’s difficult to determine how to create a great name…until now. In this easy-to-understand session, Liz unravels the secrets of crafting, evaluating, and extending your brand.


1. How to Create Great Names
Naming is to marketing as location is to real estate; it’s the fundamental starting point upon which to build a brand. Learn the insider secrets of what it takes to have a great name brand.

2. When It’s Time to Change a Name
Liz explains gives you the proven strategies on when to change, why to change, and how to transition to a new name. Follow the examples of Boston Chicken to Boston Market, Andersen Consulting to Accenture, and 20th Century Insurance to 21st Century Insurance.

3. How to Avoid Committing “Genericide”
Many entrepreneurs and business executives select generic names for their companies. Yet, these types of names retain very little trademark protection. Even worse, they often confuse your customers and prospects. Learn to identify generic names so that your brand name works effectively. Here’s how to make sure you’re not confused w/ your competition, stand out from the sea of similarity.

4. Protecting Your Intellectual Property
Discover how to protect your brand name and know the difference between trademark infringement vs. mindshare infringement.

5. When to Create A New Brand Name vs. A Brand Extension
Introducing a new brand is a risky and expensive effort. Many companies try to lessen the investment by adding new products and services under an established brand. However, you need to know when to extend your brand and when to introduce a new brand.

6. How to Marry Your Name with The Web
The explosion of the world wide web, forever changed the rules of naming. Discover how to capture the right domain and avoid the costly mistake others have made.

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