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Luck is a Dirty 4-Letter Word: Stop Dismissing Your Success as Luck!

  1. Loved the article! Yes, I am an “overnight success” after 39 years of owning my company. I continue to work hard, never rest on my laurels, and am proud of my accomplishments. I also like the material things that I can afford and make apologies to no one. I have earned my success.

    • That is an overlooked and underappreciated response Adrienne. I recently used my tax return and work bonus money to upgrade my road and mountain bikes. I cycle 3-4 times per week and even though I donate to four charities monthly and live within my means, I’ve had moments of “should I have upgraded – did I really need better bikes?” I started cycling on lower end bikes and now I can afford higher end bikes and I’m going to enjoy them! Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Oh, Adrienne, how I know that’s true. It ain’t luck!

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