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  • October 2004; “Credit Union Aims for Heights with New Name”, The Press-Enterprise
  • September 2003; “Talking Shop: Wonder What Makes Shoppers Tick?” Entrepreneur cover story
  • October 2003;“In Marketing, a fine line between Ta-Dah! And Duh! San Diego Union Tribune, (2nd place winner for author Steve Perez by the San Diego Society of Professional Journalists and 3rd place winner by the San Diego Press Club)
  • September 2003; “Business book bibliography is a magazine winner,” Sacramento Business Journal
  • July 2003; “Showdown: FedEx vs. UPS”—CNN/Money Online
  • “Postal Credit Union Changes Name to ‘Eagle,’”—Denver Business Journal
  • “Santa Ana Tries New Brand to Improve Image”—The Los Angeles Times
  • “Don’t Annoy”—Sales and Marketing
  • “Packaging Cities: How Lesser-Known Areas Are Positioning Themselves as the Next Hot Brands”—American Demographics
  • “Losers of the Year”—”2001: R.I.P.,” Roy Rivenberg’s
  • “Denver Postal Credit Union Changing Its Name”—The Denver Business Journal
  • “SAP Goes All Out”—Business 2.0
  • “Merge Ahead? Don’t Let Your Brand Momentum Start To Skid”—Business To Business
  • “The Pitch: Can Grey Poupon Cut the (Yellow) Mustard?”—Dow Jones Newswire. Reprinted in The Lakeland Ledger (Florida), Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania), The Dallas Morning News, and The Wall Street Journal Europe
  • “Letter Perfect: It’s Hot, It’s Cool, It’s Making a Mark X”—Newsday
  • “EarthLink’s Captive Audience”—Business 2.0
  • “Supermodels Pound the Pavement”—Brand Marketing
  • “Beautifying America: Upscale Beauty Brands Blush with Young Consumers”—Brand Marketing
  • “That Stomach Can Walk and Talk, But Can It Chew Gum?”—Brandweek
  • “Intel Blue Man Redux”—Business 2.0
  • “Obstacles Test Agility of New Microsoft Ads”—Business 2 Business Marketer
  • “Charity Begins on the Home Page”—Brandweek
  • “Holiday Philanthropy: Entrepreneurs Are Improving Their Business Profiles Through Kindness”—
  • “It’s All in the Name”—The Australian (reprinted in Edittech International)
  • “American Companies Remove ‘dot-com’ from Nomenclature”—Evening Standard (London)
  • “Rules to Break”—Business 2.0
  • “Dot-Com? Nobody Here By That Name”—The New York Times
  • “What’s Next: Advertising Has Never Been Worse, Thanks to the Net”—Business 2.0
  • “They Are Women: Hear Them Roar”—Home Furnishings Executive
  • “Name Games”—Business 2.0
  • “Not as Good as Gold: Why San Diego’s New Tagline Won’t Work”—San Diego Magazine
  • “What To Name the Baby”—The Industry Standard
  • “So, What’s in a Name?”—The Free-Lance Star
  • “Career Make-Over: She Should Settle Direction Before Pursuing Solo Path”—The Los Angeles Times
  • “Building Blocks of Branding”—Baby Shop
  • “Choosing Best ‘Dot-Com’ Name for Your Company”—Court & Commerce Record
  • “E-tailers Stuffing Virtual Mailbox with Promotions”—St. Paul Pioneer Press
  • “The Art of Marketing to Individuals”—Home Furnishings Executive
  • “Say It Again, Sam: Consistency in Your Marketing Message Wins Customer Loyalty”—Shopping Center Business
  • “How to Stand Out in Today’s Competitive Market”—Home Furnishings Executive
  • “Brand-Aid”—Entrepreneur
  • “Marketing to Kids to Reach Parents”—Baby Shop
  • “Name That Company”—Small Business News
  • “What’s in a Name? The Rhythm Says It Knows the Score”—Inside Business
  • “A Business of Naming Businesses”—San Diego Business Journal
  • “Marketing Expert Shares Top Ten Ways to Create a Bad Business Name”—Food/Beverage News
  • “10 Ways to a Bad Business Name”—Business 2 Business Marketer
  • “Care and Feeding of Mascots”—Marketing News
  • “Hot Tips”—Inc.
  • “Use Taglines to Make Messages Memorable”—Metalworking Marketer
  • “Taglines Help Business Create Identity, Seize Positioning”—
  • “Taglines Tell the Tale”—Food & Beverage Marketing
  • “Taglines as a Marketing Tool”—New Product News
  • “Taglines Are It! Use Them to Make Your Message Memorable”—Business 2 Business Marketer
  • “Breakfast Over Easy”—Chef
  • “Takeout from the NRA: What’s Hot for the Upcoming Year”—Nation’s Restaurant News


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