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Why Try Before You Buy Works….and How To Convert Browsers into Buyers

  1. Liz, so glad to hear you can DO the happy dance again. Totally agree with you that “try before you buy” can be a great incentive to buy AND appreciate other examples of adding customer value with free information when free product or service itself may not be feasible or practical such as with a customized or large ticket item.

    • Agree! As if I would sign a contract for a gym membership having never been to the gym.

  2. Love your article! I’ve gotten a version of this lately from Dropbox. I accidentally signed up for a new Dropbox account that I did not need. After a free month, or for some reason I haven’t yet figured out, they automatically upgraded me to a paid membership. I couldn’t easily figure out how to undo that, but I didn’t have any active credit card connected to the account so, of course, when the first monthly bill came, I got a notice that payment had not been made, but didn’t worry about it. Then I got a reminder bill or two, then a notice of impending closing of my account, then a notice of closing, all of which I ignored because I wanted it closed anyway. Then I get a post-closing email – gee, we noticed your account was cancelled, can we help set it up again? I again ignored it. Then today they called me! How many times do I need to ignore them for them to get the message?? No sale here!

  3. Great article Liz! Orange Theory did a bait and switch with me too – offered me a 2-week free trial on Facebook, only to then say it was for becoming a founding member. I ran for the hills !!

    • Whoa! I actually hear that it’s a great workout plus I could walk there getting extra steps, but it’s a non-starter now.

  4. WTF OTF? I can’t imagine what it would be like trying to get out of that contract? Horses in our bed anyone? The good news is I can’t imagine they will be around much longer with that kind of business model. Love your insight as always Liz, glad you are able to cut a rug again!

  5. Can’t wait to show off my new dance moves too….but not at Orange Theory. I intentionally didn’t use the WTF acronym in the email because of spam filters, but you knew what I meant.

  6. Son of a gun, this is so heufpll!

  7. Just when you think humanity has hit rock bottom, they break out the pickaxes in the sub-basement and go to work…If there ever was a case of punishment replicating the crime, this is it.

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