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Names that sizzled/fizzled this year

Whoa! What a great year for new words and new brands; here’s my take on what sizzled and what fizzled:



Selfie – Even Obama joined the craze at Mandela’s funeral Digin – Pronounced “dijen” from The Today Show; not digging this one!
Twerking – Thanks Miley. Phablet – This term just sounds awkwaaaard!
Carfirmation– Hertz gets the green light! Scenticles– Scented icicles that rhyme with ______?
Bergdorf Goodman Goodman’s– The new name of the men’s store only it should have been called….Bergdorf’s!
Pret- a – Porter – a great fashion site. Net-a-Reporter – Fashion from The Hollywood Reporter; sounds confusingly similar to me to the other, um, Pret –a Porter
ZzzQuil – Sleepy addition to NyQuil line up Bum – Cottonelle’s misguided approach to talk about what we don’t want to talk about!
Ingredion –  Fab name change from Corn Products Int’l Pink Slime – No wonder the industry is up in arms about the term coined for Lean Finely Textured Beef
Hairroin – Only in LA will this name work; rest of country still trying to pronounce it! Vom – Do we really need to shorten 2 syllable words?
Satisfries – Burger King’s 2012 whopper of a calorie-laden side order Carmelistic – Skinny Cow’s way to describe caramel flavor; sounds bitter to me!
Sharknado- Came in with a whoosh..and with a bite! Saving Mr. Banks – This movie is the Shawshank Redemption of 2013; great movie, forgettable name!
Whackhand – Created by the Tennis Channel for those wacky, missed backhands Droop Shot- An unworthy drop shot, but sounds dopey to me.
Leaducation – Worthy not-for-profit that educates on dangers of lead. Osamaland – I’m not making this up! Plans abound to create an amusement park in the tranquil country of Pakistan.
Twitterverse – Welcome! Like – Can we just, er, um, like perform like-o-suction and get a better term? Facebook: are you listening?

Share your best names in the comments below.


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  1. My favorite out of them all? Like-o-suction! Good one Liz!

  2. My Dandruff Shampoo which I have been making and selling in the beauty biz under the company name of Autograf Specialty Haircare Solutions (Haircare as personal as your Autograf) since 1978 is Called …….

    Dare to Wear Black Scalp Conditioning Shampoo…
    What else can you say about a dandruff shampoo


    R&R (Rest & Rejuvenation) Condiitoner
    We Scrub, Scrunch, Spritz and Roast our Hair…
    Doesn’t it deserve a little R&R?

    OK… done playing for the night …Dawn

  3. The Wall St. Journal just published its words of the year:

    We overlapped on most (selfie, twerking), but I overlooked:

    Cronut (as if we need more calorie-laden food!)
    YOLO (thought it was sooooo last year – You Only Live Once)

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