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Creating Names with “Flawless Recall”

So, you need a name. How hard could that be? You just put together a group of colleagues, brainstorm ideas, and then repeatedly check domain availability on Go Daddy, right? WRONG!

Great brand names transform the mundane to the magical because they:

  1. Mellifluously roll off the tongue
  2. Pass domain screening including .com, .net, .biz, and .org
  3. Clear FDA hurdles (if necessary for pharmaceutical naming)
  4. Avoid trendy names
  5. Reflect the essence of the brand DNA
  6. Carve out a unique, identifiable space
  7. Avoid negative connotation, sexual overtones, or political innuendo
  8. Marry the selling proposition with the name

Brand names we’ve created.

When can we create yours?


Our coaching clients have created:

Brand Names That Boost Recall…and Sales!

In today’s world, products and services have become a sea of similarity. It’s the branding builds buzz, loyalty, and a higher price!

We work as quickly as 14 days to get you from a nameless idea into a full-fledged brand complete with the .com and tagline.

OR, work with us to coach you to getting you a brand names that works within your budget.

Bethany Kelly

Thanks to Liz, I was armed with all of the info to create and test my new brand name. I love it!

Bethany Kelly
Publishing Partner


I would have never gone in this direction.

"I am a copywriter by trade, but when it came time to brand my new graphic recording business, I turned to Liz for help. She came up with a whole slew of clever, catchy names to choose from. I would have never gone in this direction. I am so thrilled!"

Anne McColl

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