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Nancy Reagan: Always Making A Killer-Good First Impression

Nancy Reagan

With Nancy Reagan being laid to rest today, beautiful testimonials and remembrances are pouring in. Of course, her life in pictures is also flying by. And, here’s the thing: there is not one bad picture of Nancy Reagan!

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve been known to have a bad hair day or an off-outfit. The former first lady? Not a chance! She believed in making a killer-good first impression – always.

If you compare Nancy to Hillary Clinton, you’ll note that only as a presidential candidate did Hillary up her appearance game. Yes, she’s been addicted to pant suits, but her headband hair or ill-conceived outfits detracted from her message.  

Nancy Reagan’s Secrets

What was the secret to her success?

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  1. Style – She knew what looked good on her and stayed with it. Notice the coordinated suits that became a signature look.
  2. Color – Did you notice that she often wore red? She knew it drew attention and she was ready for it.
  3. Cadre of Designers – Bill Blass, Oscar de la Renta, and James Galanos were her go-to designers because they designed for her frame.

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  1. Liz…I could not pass this one up…my mantra FOREVER has been “You only get one first impression!”…make it a good one. It does not matter if it is “fair”…it is real! No one will listen to you if you do not look credible. Your appearance comes before you…like it or not…it is human nature. Why not put your best foot forward ( in what you are wearing ) so that people will listen to what you have to say???

  2. I agree! And, it’s not about being tall, thin or blonde, it’s about being well-groomed and styled.

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