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How to Capitalize On A Hot Trend Like American Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior Show PosterHave you tuned in yet? Over 5.7 million viewers have and apparently they like what they see. This reality TV show is a little like American Idol on an obstacle course, but with more fascinating wipeouts and tryouts. This show is hot, on-trend, and taking the country by storm.

Here’s the question: How can YOU capitalize on a trend?

  1. Adapt to a New Audience – Obstacle courses created just for office workers are springing up. Tough Mudder and Rugged Manic are boasting marathon leaps in traffic and interest.
  2. Modify by Demographics – Just as American Ninja Warrior was adapted from Japan, spin-off opportunities abound targeted just for women, kids, senior citizens, etc.
  3. Institutionalize It – Create camps, training, and certification programs for the next generation. Just look at the coaching industry: highly splintered with no one “owning” the entire industry.
  4. Create an Association – Perhaps a new industry needs a voice and you’re just the one to speak up. You get the media, the influence, and the credibility fueling the opportunity to build your own business.
  5. Mix It Up – Just as the new TV show The Choice sounds like a mixed-up combo of The Voice meets The Dating Game, you too can create a new experience but combining 2 winning items to create a new experience.

How have you capitalized on a trend? Please share with comments below!


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