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How to Make Your Premiere a Success

While immersed in the US Open over the last week, I watched Vicky Duval, a 16-year old, make her WTA tennis debut at the US Open against 3-time champion Kim Clijsters. Even though both women eventually lost, the debut of the youngster was magnificent! How did she do? Magnificent! Did she win? Not a chance. But, was it a sparkling debut? You betcha!

Her TV appearance reminded me of my first “paid” speaking gig. I earned a whopping $250 and watched horrified as my microphone sparked its way to a fiery death. The entire time I joked with my audience about the “hot” time we were having until a new replacement mic could be found.

How to Make Your Premiere a Success

Since then, I’ve delivered over 498 talks and this is what I know:

  1. Take the Plunge: NOW! – Don’t wait until you’re perfect, don’t stall until you have the perfect audience. Today is the right day to try. Nothing replaces experience.
  2. Prepare – I believe you’ll be better tomorrow than you are today, but don’t forget to prepare – and over prepare. Practice.
  3. Have a Great Attitude – You won’t be perfect today, but accept it. Wake up by reminding yourself that you will do the best you know how.
  4. Enjoy the Ride – Newcomer Vicky looked up at all of the fans, cameras, and lights and smiled. So, should you. There will never be a moment like your “first.” Enjoy!

Tell me about your debut.  I want to hear!

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