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How to Blog Better to Get More Visibility and Profit

How to Blog Better to Get More Visibility and Profit


If you see blogging as just another chore, like brushing and flossing your teeth, now’s the time to change your tune…and your thinking!

For over 13 years, Liz Goodgold has systemically written and distributed her content through newsletters, blogs, and social media. In fact, she calls her Words of Lizdom the spicy sauce that brings in clients, speaking engagements, media interviews, and joint ventures.

Listen today and get answers to what works and what doesn’t, what’s in and what’s out, and what sizzles and what fizzles. This 60-minute webinar delivers in rapid-fire pace, a non-stop stream of facts and recommendations to harness the power of blogging.


Come discover:

  1. My magic  formula  for creating “sexy headlines” that bring in traffic…and boost your Google rankings
  2. Wild ideas for generating blog topics so that you’re never “stuck” without anything to write about.
  3. Copywriting secrets that you were never taught, but that bring in readers
  4. The art of fast writing so that you can blog and still get your work done
  5. The 21 different types of blog posts so you stop boring your readers with the same old, same old formula
  6. Why frequency matters…and yet how you can still schedule a vacation!


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