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Book Titles That Sell

Book Titles That Sell


Yes! Readers really do buy a book by its cover AND by its title. Most authors just guess at the process or ask a few friends, but Branding Guru Liz Goodgold spills all of the beans to ensure your title sizzles ….and sells!

Roll up your sleeves, tune in, and get ready to discover how to:

  1. Build an empire, not merely write a book in order to monetize your message
  2. Test your title so that it resonates with your audience and makes them want to buy
  3. Apply “insider” naming principles to book titles and name like a master!
  4. Avoid the costly mistakes other authors make
  5. Pump up your subtitles so that your target market goes “wow”
  6. Incorporate your brand vocabulary so that your audience knows it’s you
  7. ….and much, much more!


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