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Build Your Brand with a Book: 6 Months of Marketing Lizdom to Title, Write and Profit From Your Efforts

Build Your Brand with a Book: 6 Months of Marketing Lizdom to Title, Write and Profit From Your Efforts

Writing a book builds cements your expertise; it builds your visibility and your business. If you are one of the 85% of experts who wants to write a book, today is YOUR day to move from expert to author!

Liz brings her expertise from working at both Macmillan Publishing Co. and as an editor at Times Mirror Books to your project. Most importantly, she coaches you from a marketing perspective so that your book opens doors to new clients, publicity, speaking engagements, and opportunities.

Work with Liz and:

  • Say goodbye to the frustration of trying to do it all on your own
  • Start your book on literally the right page with clear goals and deadlines
  • Get guidance from the get-go on how to profit from your book
  • Say hello to your new life as a published author!

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One-On-One Input, Direction, and Strategic Advice to Meet Your Marketing Goals

Build Your Brand with a Book is a 6-month program focused on moving from your book idea to a published work. You get one-on-one input, direction, and strategic advice on how to:

  1. Create a sizzling book title that earns “flawless recall”
  2. Draft a “full frontal” subtitle that helps with SEO and Amazon searchability
  3. Differentiate your book from competitors and avoid the “me too” syndrome
  4. Profit from spin-off opportunities at speeches and media appearances
  5. Get clear on the message, structure, and chapter format that appeals to your target
  6. Prioritize your writing so that you actually publish this year!
  7. Draft your branded bio to rope in readers
  8. Finalize size, shape, and page count to appeal to your ideal target
  9. Write your back-of-the-book sales copy

PLUS, throughout the process, you get

  • Valuable input on the manuscript, book cover, ideal size, shape, and page count.
  • Recommended resources for book cover design, manuscript editing, and copyediting
  • Unbiased input into the book strategy to stop you from inhaling your own fumes!
  • Trusted, friendly, and knowledgeable support from a coach who has been there. As the author of 3 books, Liz understands what it’s like to work under deadline, make book writing a top priority, and carve out the essential time and energy.

Investment: $4500.00

Build Your Brand With a Book is a 6-month coaching commitment available in-person or on the phone; 6 coaching sessions plus email follow up monthly.


Liz Practices What She Speeches

Liz Goodgold | MediaLiz is a fiery redhead who has coached over 200 employees, presented to over 15,000 audience members, and given over 400 talks. Replacing ho-hum presentations with her gung-ho style, audiences at Warner Bros, QUALCOMM, Abbott Labs, Meals on Wheels, and dozens of trade associates know they are in for tasty “Words of LIZdom”.

As a branding expert, Liz shows her clients how to brand out to stand and cash in on their expertise to get rewarded and promoted. She’s the author of 3 books: How to Speak Gooder, Red Fire Branding: Create a Hot Personal Brand to Have Customers for Life and DUH! Marketing. Liz was the branding columnist for Entrepreneur magazine reaching over 1.1 million readers each month. You can also see her on the TV series Hollywood Scandals dishing the dirt on celebrity brands.


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