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Copywriting that Sells: How to Write to Get Customers to Buy

Copywriting that Sells: How to Write to Get Customers to Buy


Is writing your marketing copy difficult and demanding?

  • Is your website failing to deliver your ideal customers to your door on a silver platter?
  • Do you postpone writing newsletters because you can’t find the right words?
  • Are people finding your website but not engaging further with you?
  • Are you writing proposals, but never closing them?

If you have even one of these concerns, you’ll want to listen to this webinar now.


Join me for a lively discussion about how to write compelling marketing copy that will make your life easier and bring in more money!

In just 90 minutes, you’ll know exactly how to use the right words in the right way to bring in the business from your ideal customers!

  • Find writing copy more fun and wave goodbye to procrastination!
  • Adapt award-winning copy to fit your needs.
  • Avoid the 6 killer words of copy that will stop a sale every time!
  • Integrate the insider do’s and don’ts of compelling copy that leads to higher ticket sales and brand loyalty.
  • Discover a copywriter’s secrets to her consistent 77% click-through rate!
  • Have fun creating compelling subject lines and headlines.


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