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Done-for-You Branded Bio That Brings In The Biz

Done-for-You Branded Bio That Brings In The Biz


Every entrepreneur, executive, and employee needs a bio. But virtually none of us has one that delivers your brand, expertise, and customers to your door…until now.



Get your bio off of your “to do” list now and let Liz:

  1. Interview you so that your bio is accurate, but sizzles with style
  2. Incorporate a “cool quotient” so that prospects wants to lean in and learn more
  3. Reflect your brand DNA so that your bio sounds just like you!
  4. Pinpoint your target market so that the right type of clients are attracted to your business

Liz has a passion for Branding

Branding is an art and a science, and for Liz, a passion as well. She lives and breathes the life of a brand, including her own. You won't find a more dedicated and convincing branding specialist, who knows her roots as well as where she's heading.

Mary Beth McCabe
Sun Marketing


10 days from start to finish

Liz is well worth it!

Liz consistently over delivers content in a rapid fire method, with no fluff. In one meeting, I received 10 times the value I paid!


  1. One Branded Bio (350-900 words)
  2. A short bio – often needed for programs, speeches, etc. (approximately 50 words)
  3. Includes 2 drafts plus a final version

Branding Awesomeness

Liz created a super fantastic bio for me and gave me such good advice. She pointed out details I had not considered in my business that I needed to think about. She spoke with me and provided excellent service. 



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