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Monetize Your Message Through Speaking: 4 Meaty, PRIVATE, One-On-One Sessions

Monetize Your Message Through Speaking: 4 Meaty, PRIVATE, One-On-One Sessions

4 Private coaching sessions focused on getting you speaking more… and getting more business.

Includes one Done-For-You Service. Choose from:

Bio • One-sheet • Speech Description • Verbal introduction

Payment Options:

One time payment – $5000.00 or 5  monthly payments of $1100 for 5 consecutive months

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If you’re ready to run a speaking business like a business, then you’ve come to the right place! This is the program where you master how to brand yourself as a paid, professional speaker. 

Finally, you’ve found a resource in Liz that saves you years of time and hours of frustration. With her by your side, you maximize your time while monetizing your message.

Whether you are ready to jump feet-first into full-time speaking or simply add it as part of your revenue wheel, this one-on-one training shows you how to make money from speaking….the right way!

Sign up with Liz and discover step-by-step how to:

  1. Reach out and get paid speaking gigs
  2. Charge appropriately for your speeches
  3. Get paid on time!
  4. Generate spin-off speeches
  5. Negotiate when meeting planners tell you they can’t pay your fee
  6. Create package offerings for the back of the room
  7. Make an offer without sounding like a used car salesman

Stop Talking and Start Speaking!

This program is for you if….

  • You know you have killer-good content, but can’t seem to get booked
  • You’re a good speaker, but can’t figure out what to sell or how to sell at the back of the room
  • You’re ready to add speaking to your marketing mix, but don’t know where to start

(4) 90-minute PRIVATE Sessions Booked on YOUR schedule

You pick the pace – whether fast or slow – that best works for you. If you’re ready to move in rapid-fire fashion, book 4 sessions in just 4 weeks!

OR, if you know there’s a ton on your plate, dole out sessions when you know you’re ready to work, listen…and act.

Customized Program Just for You!

No two sessions are ever the same as this is the program that is built around you.

  • If you need a killer closing story, we create it
  • If you can’t integrate selling without bragging, we practice it
  • If you don’t know how to create a product, we build it together!

Every session available in-person in San Diego, on the phone, or via Skype

You Walk Away with Everything You Need as a Speaker!

By the end of your 4th meeting with Liz, you have every element of a complete speaker packet that gets you booked…and making money!

1. A sizzling speaker “one sheet” to get you booked
2. Sexy speaking titles for your 3-5 keynotes that fire up your audience
3. Speech descriptions of your keynotes that meetings planners easily cut and paste into their programs
4. Your red-hot bio that gets used in programs and on your websites
5. Verbal introduction that perks up the ears of your audience
8. A handout that works for you…and your audience
9. A customized order form with appropriate packages at the right price points that sell!

PLUS, You Get the “Speaker In A Flash Drive” Loaded With Documents to Turbo-Start Your Speaking Career!

Special Flash Drive – a $797 value!

Basically, this is a program centered upon YOU succeeding! If you are truly ready to making money as a PAID speaker, sign up for this program now!

4 Amazing Sessions with Liz!

Every single session with Liz is recorded so that we never lose a brilliant thought; she simply hands you the private MP3 recording. And, she summarizes every session listing homework and next steps so that you stay on track and move forward!

You pay off this investment in just one speech!

HOT BONUS: Liz Writes One Element of Your Speaking Packet

It’s virtually impossible to create your bio or one-sheet as fish don’t see water: you need an outside perspective that turns heads, raises eyebrows, and reels in your audience. 

Long story short…Liz writes one element that is keeping you stuck. You simply delegate it to “word girl” and it’s done!

YES! I’m Ready to Monetize My Message Through Speaking!

Redfire Branding, Liz Goodgold, Branding Expert

I know that by signing up today, I get :

  1. 4 PRIVATE sessions of jam-packed, meaty content that saves me years of agony and tons of time
  2. A recording (MP3) of every session to review and capture my breakthrough
  3. A summary by Liz of every session detailing next steps so that I stay on track and am held accountable
  4. My own “speaking in a flash” drive containing 20 key documents to get me speaking gooder and faster
  5. PLUS, I get Liz to write one component of my speaking packet when I get stuck (my bio, one-sheet, speech titles or description) so that I get unstuck!

What price can you put on learning how to get as many speaking engagements as you can handle? $30,000????

With this one-time investment, you earn at least twice that much on your first first speaking gig!!! 


3 reviews for Monetize Your Message Through Speaking: 4 Meaty, PRIVATE, One-On-One Sessions

  1. Mara Hoover

    I hired Liz as a coach to uncover the secrets of the speaking industry and perfect my keynote talk. While coaching with Liz she helped me write a punchy bio, develop 3 rocking keynote talks, align and brand my companies into a complete package and get invited to speak to some of the biggest stages in the country! If you are looking to take your business, book and speaking to the next level, Liz is the RED HOT coach to get it done.
    – Mara Hoover, FemmePowerU | FinancialPowerU

  2. Karen Dietz

    Even though I’m a business storyteller and been a speaker for years, working with Liz has totally upped my game. I made the switch from doing less consulting to more speaking and needed a total overhaul. We all know how hard it is to see the forest for the trees when we are stuck in the woods. Liz reached in and helped me out. Between a new bio, upgraded program packages, 7-second hook, verbal introduction, new interview questions, and more I’ve not only refreshed my whole business, but taken it to new levels. If you want similar results, go work with Liz now.
    – Karen Dietz, Just Story It

  3. Wasim Hajjiri

    Liz is absolutely phenomenal! She helped me start my speaking career from scratch! My background is in electrical engineering and I had zero speaking experience. By working with her, she helped me create a service product from scratch and I started to get booked as a professional speaker. From her coaching, I spoke in front of large audiences and had huge success in connecting with the crowd to the point where people actually cried during my speech! She is one of the nicest and sweetest people I know! Plus she connected me with other speakers and that opened the door for other speaking engagements! I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to boost their speaking career by 1000%. She is a gold mine of expertise and knowledge! ~Wasim Hajjiri, Wasim The Dream

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