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Name It! How to Create a Sizzling Brand Name That Works

Name It! How to Create a Sizzling Brand Name That Works


How to Create a Sizzling Brand Name That Brings in the Business!

If you’ve tried creating a brand name on your own, then you know how difficult it is to not only create a good name, but to get the .com as well. In fact, it’s near impossible….until now.


Join me for this “meaty” workshop where I share:

  1. How a brand name increases perception, value, sales, and even resale value!
  2. Why you should brand and “own” that position in your prospects and clients’ minds
  3. The 6 essential criteria for creating a great brand name; information that will help you with naming today and forever.
  4. The 7 deadly sins of naming…to make sure you avoid them!
  5. When to change a brand name so you can decide if you have a naming problem
  6. Secrets to creating brand names that pass both trademark hurdles and domain issues
  7. How to avoid committing “genericide” in order to protect your intellectual property
  8. Innovative techniques to creating your own brand name so that you can name it yourself
  9. …and much, much more

This workshop is a MUST ATTEND if:

  • If you’re an entrepreneur struggling with how to name your company
  • If you’re a marketing executive in charge of numerous brands and brand extensions
  • If you’re the head of a company and need to launch an unnamed new product or service


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