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Personal Branding 101 for Employees

Personal Branding 101 for Employees

A 6 month coaching program that gets you promoted or recruited.

Personal Branding 101 for Employees:
THE Coaching Program that Gets you Rewarded and Recruited

  • If you’re tired of waiting for a promotion, then seize the opportunity with this program;
  • If you’re ready to break into the “C” suite vs. waiting for your phone to ring, then this is the program that turns thoughts into action!
  • AND, if you’re ready to brand out, stand out, and cash in on your expertise, then your time is now.

$12,900 for 6 months payable as $2,150.00 per month for 6 consecutive months.



Many employees believe that just by working hard, they’ll get noticed or promoted.  But, they’re wrong!

The days of waiting to be discovered or promoted are over! You must grab every opportunity to promote your brand. But, most of us were never coached on how to get rewarded or recruited…..until now.

Seize the Day to Get the Job of Your Dreams

Work with branding guru Liz Goodgold and finally get the input and results you need to boost your visibility and credibility. Harness the power of personal branding combined with executive presence and superb communication skills to jump into the job of your dreams.

It’s time to stop bouncing off the rubber ceiling and break through into the “C” suite.

Perhaps you feel that it’s not a glass ceiling, but a rubber one: you’ve been bouncing off of the ceiling without every breaking through into the C Suite. Now is the time to finally say goodbye to being the Assistant VP or the Senior Executive and hello to stepping into the role as Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Sommelier or even Chief Information Officer. The door is now open!

A 6-Month Program Focused on Results!

This is an intensive, focused program that balances branding without bragging. Liz works with you one-on-one to achieve your outlined goals. Samples, examples, and exclusive templates are provided along the way arming you with the marketing artillery necessary to get rewarded and recruited.

Get the Results You Want

Register for a coveted coaching spot and within 6 months, you’ll know how to:

  1. Identify your unique brand DNA to form the foundation of your image to the world
  2. Transform your brand DNA it into a marketable asset
  3. Establish a powerful presence so that you “own” the room
  4. Present a compelling “7-Second Hook” and spark interest in YOU from the get-go. (Say goodbye to the 30-second elevator speech!)
  5. Project a consistent visual brand that allows colleagues, managers, and customers to recognize you in an instant!
  6. Control and moderate your voice in order to earn respect and attention
  7. Maximize your social media presence so that it’s consistent with your career goals
  8. Write your LinkedIn profile to entice recruiters to connect with you
  9. Cultivate a proprietary brand vocabulary communication which  differentiates you from colleagues and competitors
  10. Grasp the art of chit-chat that reinforces your brand positioning and really “gives them something to talk about.”
  11. Identify speech patterns that may undermine your credibility
  12. Present a contrarian point of view at meetings while still treating colleagues with respect
  13. Develop a communication style that is appropriate, relevant, and differentiated so that people remember you and want to recruit or promote you
  14. Plot your next promotion while still succeeding in your current position
  15. Master the art of self-promotion without offending or alienating your colleagues
  16. Earn “flawless recall” that reinforces your brand at every opportunity

This is not a touchy-feely program that celebrates effort. It’s all about results!

This Program is NOT for you If…

  • You’re not ready for honest and sometimes harsh feedback…but that eventually leads to positive results
  • You’re not willing to work hard and put in the effort for success
  • You’re looking for a touchy-feely program that rewards you for effort and not results

8 Key Takeaways that Boost Your Visibility…and Get You Promoted or Recruited

Every client gets one-on-one attention PLUS walks away with:

  • A new LinkedIn profile that attracts headhunters, conference leaders, and persons of influence
  • Strategies, tactics, and coaching on raising your profile to attract the right type of attention at work
  • Recommendations on what to post and how to post on LinkedIn to boost your credibility….plus the secret to writing screaming-good titles
  • Insight and practice on how to network at business events so that you attract the right contacts
  • A new resume that showcases the brand YOU in order to get recruited
  • A referral paragraph that opens doors to key decision-makers using your current connections
  • Ideas and strategies for highlighting you and your team’s accomplishments that don’t sound like boasting
  • How to leverage a new job offer with your current company to get additional compensation, bonus, or title

The Details of How Personal Branding 101 Works

Personal Branding 101 for Employees enters you into a select tribe of committed and focused executives ready to move eagerly and urgently.

  1. Live, Private Kick-Off Session With Liz (approximately 3 hours) – So that we establish goals and a process for achieving them
  2. Monthly In-Person Coaching With Liz Every Month – (approximately 2 hours) – In order to track progress and move forward
  3. Recording of all Coaching Sessions – Ensuring accountability and tracking of our progress
  4. Email Access and Review of Works in Progress – So that we move as fast as possible in reaching your goals
  5. Check in Phone Calls – To keep you on track and provide information and inspiration
  6. Exclusive Templates  – Synthesized in a special flash drive
  7. VIP Entry and Free Attendance to RedFire Branding events
  8. Free Access and Participation in “how to” Webinars
  9. Special Membership in the Secret Facebook Page to share ideas, get feedback, and gauge reaction to new efforts

$12,900 for 6 months payable as $2,150.00 per month for 6 consecutive months.

This program pays for itself the minute you land your new job or promotion!


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