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Speaking in a Flash: 20 Hot Resources to Get You Speaking Gooder & Making More Money

Speaking in a Flash: 20 Hot Resources to Get You Speaking Gooder & Making More Money


20 Hot Professional Speaking Training Resources to Get You Speaking Gooder & Making More Money!

If you’re serious about starting your public speaking career, let me arm you with the firepower to succeed. Instead of just mastering the technicalities of speaking, embrace the entire speaking coaching and training experience by reading the eBook, jumping to hotlinks for helpful video, and seeing clear examples of what works and what doesn’t.

PLUS, you get 14 documents that save you the aggravation of re-inventing the wheel. My sample Letter of Agreement alone saves you tons of time plus easily allows you to book even more speeches!

AND, since a bio is critical for your one-sheet and media interviews, you have my webinar including the audio, PowerPoint slides, and the transcription so that you can write yours easily and quickly.



3 Books in Different Formats

  1. PDF of How to Speak GooderEasily read your book on your PC or on the go! Jam-packed with great professional speaking training tips plus hotlinks to videos, documents, and bonus material.
  2. E-book of How to Speak GooderTake advantage of all of the features of your Kindle or Nook by easily transferring the eBook to your reading device. And, of course, retain it forever in your learning library.
  3. PDF of Red Fire Branding: Create a Hot Personal Brand to Have Customers for LifeSince speaking and branding are inextricably intertwined, double up on your knowledge by digesting both delicious books.
  4. PDF of DUH! Marketing Book: 99 Monstrous Missteps to Learn, Laugh, & Grow Your Business Liz’s first book is a humorous jaunt of what to do…and what to avoid in the minefield of marketing.


  1. How to Write a Branded Bio –
    1. PowerPoint Slides
    2. Transcript of the Webinar
    3. Mp3 Audio file

14 Key Speaker Documents to Adapt

  1. 17 Ways To Promote Your Own Event because you must get “butts in seats.” This document covers when to host your event and even when to send reminders.
  2. 40 Ways To Negotiate If They Can’t Pay Your Full Fee– Have a counter-offer at the ready with dozens of ways to still get the gig.
  3. 112 Power Verbs for writing your speaking description so that you stop using the same tired verbs all of the time!
  4. Order Form Sample because you MUST make an offer! Use this example to create your own order form that brings in the sales.
  5. Speaker Letter of Agreement that includes 7 secret clauses that ensures you get paid and get booked again…and again.
  6. Anatomy of a Speech Description so that you see how every word has its unique purpose in selling the speech.
  7. How to Write a One-Sheet Booklet so that you get additional instruction and examples for writing your own winning one-sheet.
  8. Liz’s Commandments of Speaking (36 of them!) so that your business flourishes.
  9. Pre-Event Checklist to ensure everything goes as planned.
  10. Questions to Book The Gig to ensure you ask the right questions to get the right answers to secure your speech.
  11. Raffle Forms to reward your members and secure contact information.
  12. Tell me More Forms/Evaluation Forms for staying in contact with audience members and checking progress and improvement.
  13. How to Write a Verbal Intro– There are critical differences between a bio and a verbal introduction and you must effortlessly create both documents
  14. The 22 Deadly Sins of Speaking so that you avoid every single one of them….and instead get standing ovations, applause, and more spin-off speeches!
  15. The 15 RED HOT Speaking Essentials Checklist for creating a talk that delivers applause, information, entertainment, and the business!

ALL of this learning, all of these documents loaded onto one convenient flash drive…saving you from costly mistakes. 

One drive for the one-time fee of $797.00 

(Free shipping in the United States)


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